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from Epik High’s album [e] | [e]tude

[e]mptyGreed is a sickness.The more you try to fill it, the emptier you become.
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"La Bella Vita" (translation: "The Beautiful Life")

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BANANAMILK.NET: Korean Girl Style

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Sans toi…

Without you…

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Please vote for my photography book: SEOUL LUST!http://photographybooknow.blurb.com/peoples-choice/category/travel Yesterday evening an Email confirmed that the judges have nominated my book to be voted for a People’s Choice Award!  You can find my book in the category: Travel. The cover looks like my blog’s header. And while you’re there, vote for books in other categories too. My book is still in the running for their other prize categories too, but winning a People’s Choice Awards would already make me so happy, I can’t even describe how much!   I can’t even remember when I won something. I thought I used my lucky streak during my elementary school period of life. I won an Indian Ocean Art Competition, a Japan Art Competition, every race during sports-day and got cool X-mas presents from Mr. Santa. Well, only much later I found out, my parents and all the other parents were paying Santa :P  Anyways, after being kind of lucky as a little kid, I never ever won something else, and eventually I stopped participating in any other competitions. I mean, I know you shouldn’t give up, but it does start scratching your ego if you keep failing, right?   When I left Korea, I had all those photos saved on my disk, I thought it would be a pity to keep them hidden on my computer, therefore I decided to make a book and get them printed. My sister was turning 20, and the book is about “Seoul during your twenties”, so it made an ideal present as well. When I saw the call to enter the competition, I thought: “Perfect. The book is ready, so let’s give it a go.”  I sent in my application over a month ago, and I barely thought of it again, so imagine how much I jumped when I read “Congratulations. You’re a PBN People’s Choice Nominee.”  Please vote for my book! I would be so grateful! It would mean a lot to me.  They will announce all winners on September 1. I’ll keep you updated! Love, Nicole xx

SEOUL LUST by Nicole Markhoff
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